Architectural Review Board (ARB)

The Southern Shores Architectural Review Board (ARB) is composed of 6 volunteer residents.  One of its members is also a Director on the Civic Association Board. 

Links to ARB information are below.

ARB Application Form   

ARB Guidelines and Information                             

The primary function of the ARB is to uphold the Protective Covenants and Conditions that exist for all properties in Southern Shores, with the exceptions of Chicahauk, Mallard Cove, Pelican Watch, and a portion of Fairway Drive (which have their own ARB groups).  They work closely with the Town of Southern Shores who notifies the committee of any permit applications made for new construction, additions, remodels, etc.  The ARB application should be obtained and submitted to the SSCA office by the contractor (or the individual completing the work), prior to the commencement of the work.   Applications are available at the SSCA office lobby and via the link above.

After review of the information received, the ARB meets to discuss and review any new construction and those applications which alter the developed footprint of the property.  In addition, the ARB reviews the specific Protective Covenants and Conditions for each property to insure that they are maintained. When advised of a Lot Disturbance meeting, an ARB member attends the meeting along with the TOSS Code Enforcement Officer, the contractor, and on occasion, the owner. 

In an advisory capacity they monitor Covenant Compliance at these meetings. (Anyone interested in viewing or obtaining a copy of the Covenants for their property can contact the SSCA Office at 252 261-8617 for details.)